It’s Declassified Because I Said So!

Like Magic Who Knew Government Red Tape Was So Easy

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Through mental telepathy, Vulcan mind meld or Jedi mind trick. It seems some in government want to make it easier to get things done.

These aren’t the classified documents you are looking for

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. So the government says. Think away the bureaucratic obstacles put in place to hold the government accountable.

You can declassify just by saying it’s declassified, even by thinking about it

And a wave of a magic wand [from Donny the Wizard’s Magic Shop for a donation of $100 to someone’s err charity].

Abracadabra, it’s declassified!

If you really want something. I.E. classified material to turn into declassified material. All you need to do is think it into existence. Or out of existence if you want it to disappear. At least that’s what someone wants everyone to believe.

What other magic tricks are politicians wanting to want master or have already?

Conjuring. Instead of a rabbit out of a hat, money, or votes out of thin air. Some have already conquered this one.

Trickery. Instead of seeing a coin appear behind someone’s ear. Politicians coerce voters to look at a minor concern. Blowing it up in the public instead of something more important.

Escape. Instead of a magician stepping into a box and appearing in a cage over the stage. A politician walks into ANY door and reappears. In his house or office behind a locked door or any safe place from reporters. Some have perfected that first part.

What politician wouldn’t want to know what’s in voters’ heads or anyone for that matter? If someone had that power and used it on a certain someone? The whole declassification mess wouldn’t be an issue. Or there could have been a lot of other issues averted.

My mind to your delusional mind. Your despotic thoughts to my thoughts. Our minds are merging, our minds are becoming one.

Magic and politics would be a great match. At least it would make an interesting divergence in a White House press conference. Each reporter when called must perform a magic trick before asking a question.

How many reporters would like to see if Peter Doocy can catch a bullet with his teeth? [Not advocating for violence here] *

How many politicians would love to know how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear? Sure, there are large items [or people] they would use this trick on. Believe this trick was unmasked, DARN!

*Disclaimer: Fudgin’ Politics is not an advocate of the 2nd amendment



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