Beware Of Being Replaced, White Men!

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3 min readMay 19, 2022

A T-800 is coming for you

Terminator | Creative Commons License | Daniel Oberhaus (2017)

American men are jumping on a proverbial bandwagon. NO. They’re diving headfirst. In a baseless belief. The white population is being replaced by immigrants [the black and brown kind]. White American men are not just sinking their teeth in this hogwash. They’re getting in the mud with this one.

Supposedly, national-born and native-born Americans are being replaced. To transform the landscape of the nation. But, hey. The only national-born and native-born Americans are the Native Americans, right?

Angry white men are screaming [like banshees] about the Great Replacement Theory. Insert absurdity about the clichéd angry black woman.

These white men [and probably some white women, too] are scared shitless. Apologies for the vulgarity, but it seems appropriate. They will lose political and social power. They won’t be able to push their political agendas. Replace the current electorate [predominately white people] with other than white people. Lord help us if they’re liberals!

Some politicians think that with more immigrants that come in, one political party will have an advantage. Some think illegal immigrants are already voting. Benefiting one party over another [they’re not].

These ‘elites’ assume [remember when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me]. Non-white immigrants will ALL vote a certain way. Guess which. Thus, weakening the power of the white race. Minorities are replacing white voters. That’s what the politicians are really scared of.

America’s white population is being besieged by minorities — replaced. They are plunging into the propaganda from a small minority [Fox News, certain politicians]. We are empowering the minorities, oh no!

Immigrant insurrection –oh the irony! Weren’t the white pilgrims the immigrants at one time? Didn’t the white man replace the Native Americans? Native Americans start laughing now.

Whites shout: “Jews will not replace us”! Too bad Native Americans didn’t pick up the tiki torches way back when and shout “Whites will not replace us”!

They are crying and whining [similar to a certain former president losing an election]. African Americans are taking over, surpassing…

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